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No Shrinking Violet provides an in house consultation service giving the client a list of recommendations to get ready for selling their home. We advise on furniture placement and decluttering through to paint colour selections. Teamed with our hire department we can assist with filling in any gaps if needed. We are one of the few companies providing hire furniture for clients living in their homes while selling.

Hourly rate starting at $120 + GST.


No Shrinking Violet’s focus is on appealing to the widest audience, taking into account the style of the home, size of the spaces and the demographic. We work along side Real Estate agents and their clients to best understand how they are wanting to market the property. We keep up with the current trends to bring out the best potential of the home. We have an extensive range of quality furniture to suite the wide range of styles of homes throughout Perth. Our aim is to evoke an emotional response to draw in the buyer. We want to create the best first impression for you.

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Real Estate Furniture Hire
No Shrinking Violet Home Styling Design


No Shrinking Violet’s design philosophy is to tune into our client to discover the style and feel that they are wanting to create in their home. We focus on colours and textures that appeal to them. We establish a budget to ensure what we select is realistic to be achieved. A lot of our clients have a few different styles that they like, so we work closely with them to find the aspects of those styles that they are drawn to to bring a cohesive look throughout their home. Our main goal is to create a space that reflects their personality and style.

Hourly rate starting at $120 + GST.